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Make a Right Choice Today!

future is purchased

Good Morning!
According to Lord Krishna our future is decided on the choice/s we make in present (today). Make a good (or bad) choice today and be ready to face the results accordingly in future.
Western Philosophers have also accepted this fact that Today’s Choices decide your future and bad choices lead to a bad future. Evidences have shown that there is a high correlation between an individual’s ability to delay gratification, and their long-term level of achievement.

When the greatest scientist of the past century, Albert Einstein said, “I
never think of the future. It comes soon enough”, he meant to express his preoccupation with the present and the importance he attached to it. In other words, he wanted to convey to us the importance of action which is always possible in the present itself. And every action calls for self-confidence; a belief in yourself; the conviction that you can do it. For instance, if you want promotion in your job, want to save some money for a particular purpose or want to improve your score, you ought to first act as if it were possible, because it will alone give you confidence that you can do it.

When you act as if some task were possible, you start focussing on it.
Once you start focussing on it, you behave as if the event had actually happened.
The best way to predict future is to invent it. Never miss the opportunities in your way. Your positive and focussed behaviour will set you up for success.
Man is by nature apprehensive. Not only you, but others also easily
become stuck and avoid taking even the first step towards the goal, because all
lack confidence. Lack of confidence is how you punish yourself for having made a mistake or not achieving your goal. Judge the situation, learn from it, then decide to move forward with determination. It will certainly yield a positive result.

You may fail in your mission sometimes. There will be occasions when you achieve your goals and sometimes you do not. It is worth learning from the experience of an unsuccessful outcome but it is not prudent to carry it on with you into your future. If you carry on with your failures into your future, there is a possibility that you will remain unhappy and not feel like doing anything with all your enthusiasm
that can result in success. You can never plan your future by the past. The great
English Poet, Dr. Samuel Johnson has written a poem in 18th century, saying that- “The future is purchased by the present”.

Have great and right choice making day ahead!