Your Choice Matters!!

Good Morning!!
When we look at others what do we see?
What do circumstances reveal to us?
What do we notice?
How do we feel?
What do we pay attention to?
How do we react?
Have we ever thought about what is going on outside of is and why it might be going that way?

We need ro inderstand that every thought we think, every experience we have, each and every relationship, every ‘thing’ and everything in our life is a reflection of what goes on inside us. It is all a mirror to what is within us. ‘As within, so without’, ‘As above, so below’.
It is all us.
It is all me.
Our thinking, feeling, speaking and behaving reveals who we are within. We reflect and radiate who we are to the world and those around us. Instead of thinking it is others, or circumstances responsible for our lot, look inside. Discover!

Life Is A Reflection Of What We Allow Ourselves To See!!

You can’t learn other people’s life lessons. They must do that work for themselves. They will only do it when they are ready. This applies to you too. When ready, you will learn the lessons and make the changes YOU are supposed to. Look within. See. Become aware.