Sell the result, not the Process

Reading or listening to Dr. Ivan Misner has now become a passion for me. Every time I read him, I am sparked with new ideas and concepts. 

Let me share something today about the importance of Good Customer Service, which may encourage your friends to refer business to you.

If you provide good customer service, people will certainly refer business to you. 

And here’s the reason. Good customer service is a prerequisite. It’s a minimum expectation. 

Think about it. Would you refer somebody to me if I provided lousy customer service? 

Of course not. 

You’d end up looking like a dope in the eyes of the prospect. Your own credibility woul suffer.

Good customer service is part of what the prospect expects when you refer him to me. If you’re recommending me to him, I must be something pretty special, right? And if l want to keep that customer coming back, I’ll need to give him more than the minimum expectation of simply good customer service; I’ll need to provide great, outstanding, memorable customer service to really stand out.

People don’t refer you because you meet minimum expectations. They refer you because they expect you to do a good job, which enhances their relationship with the person they are referring. They may not even be doing business with you, so customer service may not be an issue with them personally-but of course they expect you to provide outstanding value to the prospect. They want the prospect to come back to them and say, “Thanks for sending me to Dr. Sharma. He had just what I needed, and the service was great. You sure know some outstanding people!” 

Your referral source has a strong interest in making sure everyone comes out as a winner. He knows that when the happy customer comes back to you, again and again, you’re more likely to send business his way when the need arises. The great service you provide to the customer comes back to you in the form of a stronger relationship with your referral partner. 

Don’t sell the process; sell the result.

 Talking about what you do, does not motivate people as much as what happens to their client or friend as a result of what you do. 

Prior to coming to Qatar, I used to sell concepts, and l never met anybody who was buying good customer service. They were buying the ability to translate those concepts into action and see the results and reliably. They weren’t shopping for customer service, because that’s a prerequisite. it’s part of what creates that end result.

Always remember- Unhappy customers are eleven times more likely to talk about your business than happy customers. So, leave no stone unturned to make your customer happy.

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