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How to Handle Criticism?

We must LEARN TO ACCEPT FAVORABLE OPINIONs. Criticism never spares anyone, ‘ ’ Yes, even the God and Great people also get their share. Unfortunately, everybody’s opinion does not match that of our own and many a time we have to hear harsh words, sometimes even from people we love and admire. It can be your wife, parents and most certainly your boss. If it’s a stranger we may feel free to give back, but what do we do when the criticism comes from people we know. Well, in this case, let us begin by assuming that it might be genuine. You might even want to introspect and unveil your fears, for they may even be correct to a certain extent. In other cases too people may criticise even though there may be no reason. So what do you do? Criticism, rebuts, rebukes, reprimand, call it whatever, is a part of our living, and once in a while depending on the place and situation you may find yourself at the bitter end of criticism. Criticism may range from merely being irritating to painful, but we must have the ammunition to tackle it, in whatever form it may appear. While some critics may genuinely want you to improve, many will only do so to cause you embarrassment, agony, and insult.

Inspire Yourself & Others

I am a firm believer of Lord Krishna, who is my “Kulguru” also. He has said that the one who does not think about the hurdles and consistently follow his rightful dream is very close to his heart. Following a dream needs a lot of inspiration and motivation. Many of us drop our efforts in between the process and restart to follow some other dream….and so on….at the end of the day, we are nowhere! All those who achieved greatness were constantly consistent in their endeavours. What is it, if it is not our constant endeavour for survival that’s led to the evolution of our race for the past million years. And even though many do not display the inherent trait, it is visible in everything we do. We display our consistency in our knowledge, aspirations, dreams, goals even in our fears and negativity. Let us get inspired and inspire others as well!

Distraction is A Big Enemy

Distraction is A big Enemy. It derails the Productivity. Distractions are everywhere and for everyone. Whether it a workplace or a place for worship, whether it is a shop or Home, whether it is a Factory or a Road. It will not spare you whether you are a student or a soldier, whether you are a leader or priest, whether you are a driver or a pilot. We should always try to avoid it, because- Distraction is the enemy of focus. Distraction does not announce itself. Distraction creeps in unannounced sometimes, other times it comes with fanfare. Sometimes it appears as being important and requiring immediate attention. The only thing that it does not call itself is a distraction. If 2020 is one of the worst years in human history. Riots across the world, a virus that has affected more than 6 million people with no cure in sight, economies crashing to the ground, and natural calamities are occurring one after another. That is why it is so important for us to be focused this year. Distractions will be inevitable, but our focus will determine how we achieve our planned destination and progress. Distractions are unscheduled intrusions. A distraction is pulling away from your original destination. • Distractions are there to draw you away from your main purpose. • Distractions are there to perplex you. • Distractions are meant to disorient your thinking. • Distractions are there to make you turn away from your main goal. An author wrote and I quote, “Not everything around you is designed to help you, not everyone that comes your way was sent to help you”. Many people start well with great plans, great visions, and the anointing of God being mighty upon their lives, but become distracted. Distraction can be subtle. How many of us remember about our student life, when we used to encounter the terror of a teacher? Particularly the teacher, who believed that learning can only happen through fear. We were too young to hate that teacher, so we ended up hating that subject instead. It is a scar that will not heal until students understand that it was just the teacher who sucked and not the subject itself. Understand this FACT. Give the subject another chance Do not let that past haunt your present and your future. In general, however, if we decide to like a subject, it grows on us and we can unravel the mysteries and wonders inherent in it. It is just like enjoying an act of our choice whether it is a movie, song, project, person, or place. Decide to enjoy your work. Once you start enjoying, you may actually start looking forward to curling up with your work process and environment.

The Power of Words

Words always reveal True self! there is no denying that words have a profound effect on our relationships, our demeanour, our beliefs, and even our livelihood. Right from the internet to interactions, from meeting to conferences, from play to work, from emotion to professionalism, from adventure to science and from inner strife to research, words play an important role. Words have the potential to make or break.

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