Good Morning, Life

Life shows the right path

So many times we think we have “to do” to make it all happen. It’s not that we should stop trying to be productive or to lose sight of our goals, desires, or needs; but sometimes “doing” overrides “allowing.”

It’s common sense that we cannot plan really, because we all know that even when we try, life can throw us a curve ball.

So, what if we were to just focus on the object at hand? The one thing in front of us? Well, then life gets interesting! 

We get to be a part of the river, following its flow and sometimes being led somewhere better than we thought we could go.

When we control, prepare, think things out, and think they are the right or the best course of action, lightening can still strike, causing us to go in a different direction.

Rather than panic, we can meet the current when it changes in front of us. Life has a funny way of showing the right path, eventually.