Never hesitate to ASK!

In past decade, one tv commercial in India was very popular. It was about Tata Sky Dish TV and shooted on famous bollywood star Amir Khan. 

It was all bout Asking. As it goes on a king’s carcad was passing through a road and public was greeting the king from both sides of the road. In the meantime a sma kid make wish to ride the car of the king but his parents are afraid and scold him to make such a silly wish. Suddenly Amir Khan encourages the Kid to ask the king about his wish and as the kid expresses his wish to king, the king allows him to sit the kid beside him on the car ……the  outcome of it is…there no harm in asking….you may get what you want…but you will loose nothing!!

You’ve got to ask. Asking is, in my opinion, the world’s most powerful and neglected secret to success and happiness. 

History is fllled with examples of incredible riches and astounding benefits people have received simply by asking for them. Yet surprisingly, asking-one of the most powerful success principles of all-is still a challenge that holds most people back. If you are not afraid to ask anybody for anything, then skip over this blog. But if you are like most people, you may be holding yourself back by not asking for the information, assistance, support, money, and time that you need to fulfill your vision and make your dreams come true. 

Do not Afraid or Hesitate to Ask

Why are people so afraid to ask? They are afraid of many things, such as looking needy, looking foolish, and looking stupid. But mostly they’re afraid of experiencing rejection. They are afraid of hearing the word no. The sad thing is that they’re actually rejecting themselves in advance. They’re saying no to themselves before anyone else even has a chance to. 

Don’t assume that you are going to get a no. Take the risk to ask for whatever you need and want. If they say no, you are no worse off than when you started, If they say yes, you are a little better off. Just by being willing to ask, you can get a raise, a promotion, a donation, a room with an ocean View, a discount, a free sample, a date, a better assignment, a more convenient delivery date, an extension, time off, or help with the homework. 
 TO ASK is an Art 

There’s a specific science to asking for and getting what you want or need in life, here are some quick tips to get you started: 

1. Ask as ifyou expect to get it. Ask with a positive expectation. Ask from the place that you have already been g’ven it. It’s a done deal. Ask as if you expect to get a yes. 

2. Assume you can. Don’t start with the assumption that you can’t get it. If you are going to assume anything, assume you can get an upgrade. Assume you can get a table by the window. Assume that you can return it without a sales slip. Assume that you can get a scholarship, that you can get a raise, that you can get tickets at this late date. Don’t ever assume against yourself. 

3. Ask someone who can give it to you. Qualify the person. “Who would I have to speak to to get . . .” “Who is authorized to make a decision about . . .” “What would have to happen for me to get . . .” 

4. Be clear and specific. If you are not clear and specific as what you want, you wi not be able to.ask right questions or right things from anyone.

5. Ask repeatedly. One of the most important principles of success is persistence, not giving up. Whenever you’re asking others to participate in the fulfillment of your goals, some people are going to say no. They may have other priorities, commitments, and reasons not to participate. It’s not a reflection on you. 

Just get used to the idea that there’s going to be a lot of rejection along the way to your goal. The key is not to give up. When someone says no, you keep on asking. Why? Because when you keep on asking-even the same person again and again-you might get a yes :

  • On a different day 
  • When the person is in a better mood 
  • When you have new data to present 
  • After you’ve proven your commitment to them 
  • When circumstances have changed When you’ve learned how to close better When the person trusts you more 
  • When you have paid your dues When the economy is better 

Kids understand this success principle perhaps better than anyone. They will ask the same person for the same thing over and over again without any hesitation. They eventually wear you down. 

Herbert True, a marketing specialist at Notre Dame University, found that :-

  • 44% of all salespeople quit trying to sell to a prospect after the first call
  • 24% quit after the second call 
  • 14% quit after the third call
  • 12% quit trying to sell their prospect after the fourth call 
  • This means that 94% of all’sales people quit by the fourth call. But 60% of all sales are made after the fourth call. This revealing statistic shows that 94% of all salespeople don’t give themselves a chance at 60% of the prospective buyers.

Published by DR. TRILOK SHARMA

I have traveled a long way towards the final destination of life. Many times I took a wrong turn on the road and spend a lot of precious time to come back on main road. Many times, I helped & supported the people who did not deserve my attention, and unknowingly ignored the ones who cared for me. Through this site, I want to put some traffic signs on the route of life to help those who are willing not to make similar mistakes that I did.

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