Thank You!!

“Thank You”

These two words are not light or just for using for formality.

I settled into the poser of those two words and everyone I could say :

# To God : Thank you for the gift of my life.

#To My Parents: Thank you for being there for me.

# To My Family: Yes, Thank you for holding me in the protective shell of emotional support.

# To My Friends: Thank you for keeping your support all time and including me your life and families!!

#To My Colleagues: Thank you for helping me so much everyday.

# To Strangers: Thank you for your kind words and timely help.

#To Social Media Friends: Thank you for sharing inspiring masseges, sharing my meanness, spending some good moments virtually even we never met in life.

This Thank you prayer has become part of my daily life!!

God bless you all!!

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