Responsible Leader=Successful Team

Good Morning!

The other day I was going through a book on Management. In one chapter, the author mentioned that Lord Krishna was a perfect Management Guru and his Management style is even more relevant in modern days.

I fully agree with this statement. Since my childhood, I have been a keen followerof Lord Krishnaand later on we adoptedhim as our “Kul-Guru” because I could not find any living person who can be our Kul-Guru.

One of the most impressive concepts I have learned from Lord Krishna is about leadership. He has made it very clear that only Responsible Leader can make Successful Team !

The combination of right leader and right achiever, the combination of right path-maker and devoted contributor is the optimal combination which will ensure prosperity, success, right policy and sound growth.

A leader without people has no means to convert his vision into mission and action. People without leadership have no direction. The best is the combination of direction and dynamism and vision and mission. When a leader is Visionary the participant Will be missionary.

The responsible leader is like the head light and contributing achiever is like an engine. The powerful engine along with bright headlight Will make outstanding progress.

The leader and the team have to ensure not only success and prosperity but also sound growth and right policy.

Sound growth is overall growth including progress, development, growth and enrichment of each part and also the whole. Right policy is the guideline which ensures that all thinking is directed towards the Vision and mission through harmony and clarity.

Harmony and clarity are essential elements, which will ensure overall well being along with foresight and insight.

Have a great day ahead!!

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