The Law of Attract is the Law of Action

Most people miss that the Law of attraction (LOA) is the Law Of Action.

People make the mistake that the LOA isn’t about action. it is, but it is about taking right action. The first action one should take is to get thinking right. Get it? Then you are at your most resourceful, confident and powerful. All systems are working together well!

Sadly, people have popularized mystical notions that were never part of the LOA. They promote outside help, the notion of the ‘magic pill’, ‘I want it yesterday’ thinking that fails to work for most people. These notions have been recently popularized.

You don’t have to do anything but wish and want it and you will attract it. Do nothing and it will still come to you. I say, go ahead sit in you room and wait. See how well that works for you. Instead you can align your thoughts and feelings positively and powerfully and begin creating what you want in your life. Everything works together. So celebrate everything!”

Everything begins first with thought. Thought precedes creation. Thought is where all actions originate. Thought and feelings cycle creating action or non-action depending on the quality of thoughts.

Positive thought lead to positive feelings and positive feelings result in more positive thoughts. They create more of the same. It is true negative thoughts work the same way. Negative thoughts produce negative feelings and negative feelings produce more neg thoughts.

Thoughts and feelings precede and lead to action or non-action depending on whether the impetus is positive or negative. Get it?. When thought and feeling, are aligned the action part becomes easy. Positive thoughts and feelings lead to positive right actions.

Skill To Do Comes Of Doing – You Get What You Focus On

When thoughts and feelings align producing right actions it is easier to create, move forward and make things happen, and better, than simply taking action. Lots of people act when their thoughts and feelings aren’t properly working together and get shoddy results.

Many people try to solve things by doing more, when what they should first do is get their mindset right and working positively and powerfully for them. When the mindset is right, the feelings and vibes are right and one can start getting incredible results.

Without positive alignment much of the time is wasted and their efforts end up costing them rather than helping them. It is crucial to fix the issues at the source, rather than fixing the symptoms with busy work. Positive mindset leads to positive feelings and results.

If You Really Want To Do Something You Will Find A Way


Published by DR. TRILOK SHARMA

I have traveled a long way towards the final destination of life. Many times I took a wrong turn on the road and spend a lot of precious time to come back on main road. Many times, I helped & supported the people who did not deserve my attention, and unknowingly ignored the ones who cared for me. Through this site, I want to put some traffic signs on the route of life to help those who are willing not to make similar mistakes that I did.

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