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New Idea replaces the Old

Good Morning!!

Truly every new idea is a violation of some older idea; as the awakening of tomorrow is a violation of today’s slumber. 

As long as man continues to evolve, in other words, to separate himself from chaos, and to express himself in a higher form, he must always shatter something. In shattering, he disobeys: in breaking, he creates.

We often get so caught up in the moment, in the routine of life, that we don’t realize it when we’re constantly doing things we don’t enjoy. We fall deeper and deeper down the well and become less happy without realizing it until we hit the bottom. And it’s hard treading around in the mud down there.

So many people, for example, despise going to work, simply because they don’t enjoy what they do. But why put yourself through that?

If you feel yourself longing for something new, it’s about time to change things up a little. So go out of your way to do something today that you wouldn’t normally do – even if it’s just something seemingly small. Hop off the bus and walk home, or ditch the car and fix up that old bike.

Go to the library and learn something new. Or even call that old friend and book a lunch. Maybe you even need to quit your job and find your true purpose in life? The choice is all yours. Listen to your heart to find out what it needs.

If you’re bored and tired of your current situation, you’re the only one who can do something about it. No more waiting around!

Be sure to change things up a little – do something new, something different, and see and feel the shift within. It’ll be a pleasant surprise for both your body and your mind, and that will, in turn, lift up your whole spirit and life.