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The Best Method of Follow up

For decades, we are following a big DELUSION taught by many Management Gurus  that “The best way to follow up with some one you’ve just met is with a hand written note.”

But as a matter of fact “The best method of follow-up is whatever you actually do-as long as you’re consistent.” 

Come again? 

Yes, it sounds a bit lackadaisical, but it’s true. Although many experts will tell you a handwritten note is the most effective way of communicating with a new contact, the truth is that almost any method will work if you use it well and consistently

When you want to follow up on a new contact-someone you just met, someone you’ve just been referred to, someone you want to build a solid relationship with-the best method is whichever you are most comfortable with and can do every time the need arises. 

The reason is simple: whatever you do, you’ve got to do it well, and if you feel obligated to keep doing something that you don’t like to do, you won’t do it well-at least not consistently. And a late-arriving, clumsy, or halfhearted note in your own messy handwriting is going to make a Worse impression than a less “proper” but more heartfelt and immediate telephone call. Of course, the feeling out there is still that, all things being equal, a handwritten note is best.

When I teach management-theory classes in college, students sometimes say to me, “Look, you’ve just walked me through ten different theories of management. What’s the best one to Use?” 

I answer, “The one you consistently apply ” 

Why do I say this?

The reason there are different ways of managing people is because people are different. They have different personalities, different approaches, different techniques. And the tried-and-true method that you consistently and effectively apply is the one that’s going to work best for you. Follow-up is a similar issue. I know that handwritten notes are considered to be the best way to follow up. The problem is…I just don’t do them consistently. Therefore, are they really the best technique If you know you’re not going to do them regularly? l don’t think so. That’s why I prefer to consistently follow up With text messages on whats app/viber, an email message or better on phone call.