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Lessons I Learned in 2016

Good Day Friends!

As we are now knocking the door of year 2017, it is right time time to review the year 2016.

Year 2016 was full of success stories and wrong decisions as well. What we need to understand is “every wrong decision is a lesson to learn.”

Here I have tried to list a few big lessons I learned in 2016:-

1. Prioritize spending time with people who inspire you, provide you with honest feedback, and truly support your success. 

2. Less ego. More authenticity. Less me, more we. Less talk, more do.

3. Talk to yourself like you love yourself. You wouldn’t speak to your loved ones the way you sometimes speak to you. 

4. The more powerful you become the less you’ll need to advertise how powerful you are. 

5. Being productive at your work is important. Being productive in your devotion to grow as a human is essential. [Inner empires precede outer ones]. 

6. The most important things in life have nothing to do with things. 

7. Your income reflects your self-identity. Your impact reveals your personal story. 

8. What society calls impossible, the visionary sees as the untried

9. People who cause others pain are people in a lot of pain. 

10. Your elite performance routines will not work if you don’t do the work to make them work.

11. Your past was perfect preparation for your gorgeous future. Honor it versus regret it.  

12. Most people have good hearts. They’re just really scared to take down the Armor that has allowed them to survive. Your job is to inspire them to do so. 

13. My life works a lot better when I’m reading every day. And a house full of books is a magical home. 

14. Make the time to mentor, coach and develop your team. You’ll grow your business swiftly by helping your people unleash their gifts beautifully. And it’s the right thing to do. [Leaders grow more leaders]. 

15. The toxic people you’ve allowed into your life are costing you your dreams. 

16. The more I invest in personal growth + professional game, the more my ability to influence positively rises exponentially.

I will share a few more lessons before the year ends.