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I Promise Myself : watch me out

Hi Friends!

I was lost for 2 days in the flood of new year messages and over burdened with heavy resolutions and big plans receiving from many of my friends.

Suddenly I realised that I have not released my new year resolutions yet. But…..

You must have noticed that unlike many of my friends, I did not listed my achievements of 2016 at the end of year, instead I listed the lessons that I learned throughout the year. Means, I have turned more critcal towards myself and it is good in many ways.

In this context, I felt that every year I pass some new year resolutions and never followed them (I am not alone in this category, I hope 😊);  so what should I do this year?

All of a sudden, an idea clicked imto my mind. I am popularly known to honor my promises made to anyone either in family and friend circle or in professional world. So this time why should I not make a few Promises to myself and see if I am equally honest and committed to honor my own promises to myself??

So, here are a few Promises, I am making to myself to fulfil during the 2017:

  • I promise myself, I will say YES to life.
  • I promise myself to laugh as if nobody’s watching, and love as if I’ve never been hurt before.
  • I promise myself to love myself as much as I want others to love me.
  • I promise myself to be a giver, not a taker.
  • I promise myself to let go of the heavy burden of my past. To turn my wounds into wisdom, and my difficulties into opportunities.
  • I promise myself to never speak from a place of hate, jealousy, anger, or insecurity. And to always evaluate my words before I let them leave my lips.
  • I promise myself to complain less, and appreciate life a little more.
  • I promise myself to create a sense of purpose and bring meaning into my everyday life. And no matter how many times I fall or fail, I promise myself to never give up on myself, my dreams and life.”
  • I promise myself to walk away from everything that no longer serves me, grows me, or makes me happy.
  • I promise myself to honor my authenticity and show the world who I truly am.
  • I promise myself to to give more of my time to those who are special in my life, and show them how much they really mean to me.
  • I promise myself to clothe myself with love and wear this love wherever I go.
  • I promise myself to trust my inner voice and intuition more than I trust the loud voice of those around me.
  • I promise myself to focus on things I can control, not on things I can’t.
  • I promise nyself to convert negative emotions into creative energy.

Friends, keep an eye over my acts during the entire year and point me out where I break my promise to myself.  By doing this, you will not be hurting me, rather you will be helping me to remain what I am.

Hope to see you on the move!!!