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Being used is better than being forgotten !

The feeling of being used…I guess it’s better then being forgotten. You will agree with me that the worst feeling is not being lonely or being used, it is being forgotten by someone you can’t forget or someone who was very close to you recently when he had some work from you.

It truly amazes me that people tend to forget all you have done for them as soon as they feel they are doing better and don’t need you or your help anymore. It amazes me that people you have went out your way for actually offers the help but wants you to jump through hoops to get it. I’m not a circus clown or seal so therefore I will not jump through hoops just to help you feel superior.

Just remember this the same one that you left standing will be the same one you will soon need again for something, I just hope that someone is not me because at this point the only answer anyone gets from me for now on is NO!!