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The 4 way Knowledge

Good Morning!!

In Hindu mythology, it is believed that the entire universe is created, Managed and Controlled by Three Pairs of POWER & CONSCIOUSNESS. Today’s scientific researches and Management theories also support this idea in a different way.

Basically, Knowledge and creativity is one pair of power and consciousness, wealth and continuation is second pair of power and consciousness and strength and conclusion is third pair of power and consciousness.

Knowledge enhances creativity, wealth supports continuation and with strength only we can conclude things.

Based on my experience and understanding,  Knowledge can be understood in the form of FOUR WAY KNOWLEDGE :

  1. Knowledge is the sum total of all past experience. What we know about what happened 1s knowledge. Knowledge has the cutting edge of sharp intellect.
  2. Information is current. The details of what is happening now is information. What is in-form-tion is information.
  3. Ideas are the creative ideas of tuition short range and long range situations.
  4.  Solutions are the result of knowledge, information and ideas to build a better future.