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Go for perfection

Good Morning!!

In our life, we live with so many delusions,  sometimes these delusions are created by ourselves and most of the time these are taught to us in a wrong way.

One such delusion is- “Practice makes us perfect.”  That means, “Practicing any skill will make you a better performer.”

I strongly feel and always tell my collegues and students that Practice alone is not enough. It must be “good” or “perfect” practice. 

In martial arts, the sensei (master) says, “Perfect practice makes perfect.” In other words, if you’re just going through the motions, you are not learning and growing. Every time you do a laid (a system of basic body positioning and movement exercises in karate), you must do it as though you were in a tournament, or as though the sensei were there watching you. Only with that intensity of focus does one improve. 

The same applies to our all other efforts. If you are applying the techniques halfheartedly, you’ll get less-than-acceptable results

So, today’s mantra is “Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. “

As a businessperson, you should have certain goals and objectives: what, exactly, do you want your customers or clients to learn about your business that they can pass along possible business? If you’re vague about your product or service, if you’re unprepared to stand and deliver, your potential  customers or clients are going to move towards your competitors. And you need to practice delivering the benefits of your products or services. Just making gleamy advertisements and only talking high is not going to get you what you Want. You have to practice it perfectly if your goal is perfection.

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