Never Give Up!!

“That which is below, is like that which is above”

There is a law that was not thought up by the intelligence of human beings, nor is it some kind of resolution passed by communities, but rather an eternal force which rules the world by the wosdom of its commands and prohibition.

“Since the beginning of the ages, in times of adversity, human beings have raised their eyes towards heaven. In all the ages and all the cultures men and women have looked up there, towards the infinite Universe, for help that they wanted to overcome their misfortunes. The same happens today. People from all faiths and even nonbelievers seek the favor of heaven in times of desperation. Maybe we all carry within ourselves, an innate hidden sense, which leads our consciousness “to know” that high above, amid the stars in the firmament, prevails a cosmic power that rules and governs everything in existence.”

Everything that comes to your life is because you have attracted it. And you have attracted it through the images that you hold in your mind.-Bob Proctor 
This quote by Bob Proctor refers to the endurance till the present day of a cosmicl principle already known by the sages and the magicians. Let us recall the famous axiom of the Emerald tablet, attributed to the Greek demigod Hermes Trismegistus, also called the thrice greatest: “That which is above is like that which is below and that which is within is like that Which is outside”.
That is to say that every image and thought that emerges in our minds produces Vibrations that come from it and rise towards the almighty Universe.The latter returns them below converting them into the creation of the situation which the message received transmits. This is the main secret of The Secret, and he who masters it can fulfill all his desires. 

We are shaped by our thoughts; what we think we become –Buddha
Sometimes the Universe delays its response, and the wait leads us to forsake our dream.There are also external factors which can make us abandon our hope of finding what we most yearn for. For example, influential people in our lives could say to us that the wish is unattainable, or they may criticize our faith in the power of the Universe and the Law of Attraction; there could be critical problems and situations that are a barrier to our dream project and which we consider insurmountable; even our simple day-to-day routine could extinguish our “dreamer” facet. 
In no case should we allow our dream to be wrenched away from us, be what may the obstacles or negative voices that impel us to abandon it. If we let its message give way to images of dejection or frustration, we will no longer be able to regain those positive vibrations that transport it. On the other hand, if we sustain it with firmness; and even with sacrifice, sooner or later the Law of Attraction will make the image of that dream a reality.


Published by DR. TRILOK SHARMA

I have traveled a long way towards the final destination of life. Many times I took a wrong turn on the road and spend a lot of precious time to come back on main road. Many times, I helped & supported the people who did not deserve my attention, and unknowingly ignored the ones who cared for me. Through this site, I want to put some traffic signs on the route of life to help those who are willing not to make similar mistakes that I did.

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