Hi Friends!

For me Bhagvad Geeta is not just a religious or mythological book. It is a complete management guide which is even More relevent today!

One of the Management principles I have derived from it is- “Appropriate Integrated Management” (AIM).

AIM is the tool for managing Business, Managers, Workers and Work. This selective piece of project ackanowledges the fact that people are key to management. A great theory for Human Resource professionals to get acquaintained about how no single method of management can be effective in case of all people as people are divergent in their own ways and discrete in their own situations. This theory highlights the kinds of people and different methods of managing them.

If you look around, this AIM theory is practice not only at all kind of organisations and companies, but in our day to dah famiLy management also.

Don’t trust me??

Start looking around and even watch your own management style, you will trace it there, I can bat!

Have a great day ahead!

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