STRESS: Good or Bad?

Hello Friends!

Yesterday, I was searching for the causes and remedies for stress and I learned a new concept about it.

There are two types of STRESS :-

  1. Eustress (Good Stress) and

  2. Distress (Bad Stress).

Eustress inspires us to complete a selected/given task or goal. It doesn’t harm our body or mind. It refreshes the body’s Fight or Flight response without prolonging and weakening it.

On the other hand the Distress begins to hinder our everyday life and stops us from completing tasks that we need to undertake. Gradually it damages our health system also.

That’s why it is up to us all as individuals to determine what kind of stress we are under. If it makes us feel invigorated, challenged and motivated, it is probably good stress. If it leaves us tired, worn and unenthusiastic, it is probably bad stress.

Keep a watch on your stress status and identify cautiously under what kind of stress you are!

Have a great day ahead!

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