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Screaming for Help!!

Quietly, I am screaming for help.        I calm down and steady myself;  Collapse to the ground when I realize I can’t breathe.

All the walls are closing in on me, And confusion makes it hard to see, Still my pounding heart is bleeding for you.”

When I first listened to the above song, I laughed for long time and asked to my friends that is it possible???

Now, I’m 52 years of age and I feel like that….!!😁😁

Have I gone mad? pschyco? or depressed???
Some of my Doctor friends say, I am sufferring with anxiety….!!
May be they are right, because I find it difficult to sleep as the littlest thing like work can keep me awake most of the night !!! When I fall asleep my thoughts go crazy and I hear random words in my thoughts really loud. I wouldn’t say they’re like voices in the room but they scare me. They don’t say anything mean or anything harmful. Just random words! It’s bugging me as I start looking into things and I keep seeing more signs of  illnesses and it terrifies me. I’m taking tablets for my cardiovascular problem for last 14 years and recently added more for diabetes…is it because of that?? 

If any good friend of mine reach to this line, please help me .