Leadership is all about personal character.It is important for any leader to have highest sense of fairness in personal and professional dealings. He doesn’t need to cultivate followers; they simply go with him because they know he has character. Anyone who sits with this kind of person at the negotiating table will never leave with the feeling that he was talking into an unfair deal.
A real Leader, on the contrary, must not take decisions under such fraught circumstances. Always insist on some more time so that you can take a considered view, stepping away from the moment of high emotion. No decision is without risk, but when you take the time to think things through, you take very few regrettable decisions.
But, the most important lesson I have learnt from the great leaders in my life is that all battles should be based on principles. And in a battle based on principles, it is not the size of the adversary that matters. It is the size of principle. Time and again, I have seen these leaders coping with powerful opponents who have had the capability to inflict significant damage. In each instance, such leaders continued fighting on the strength of their principles. And in most cases, they prevailed!!